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2018 South Island Masters Champs, Picton

2 & 3 June, Picton

There has not been a regatta in Picton Harbour since 1992. For many of the 30 Union rowers it was a trip down memory lane, while for others it was an opportunity to experience rowing on the harbour, racing the ferry, avoiding boat wakes and finding out what all those stories were about.

Picton did not disappoint. The long distance race first thing on Saturday morning practically sank Union's mixed 8.

The club finished equal with Dunstan for the most points achieved at the regatta. Dale and Greg won the trophy for the fastest double and Kirsty won the trophy for the fastest single.

My personal highlight of the regatta was seeing Andrew and Ian getting off the water after their novice doubles race beaming.

Everyone pulled their weight helping people on and off the water, rigging and de-rigging loading and unloading and yet reserved enough energy to dance from 8 to midnight.

Deb Hymers-Ross
Club Captain



Womens C single
Kirsty Mahoney

Womens E single
Dorle Pauli

Womens D double
Dorle Pauli / Kirsty Mahoney

Womens B double
Kirsty Mahoney/Natalie Wilson (Cromwell)

Womens E double
Dorle Pauli / Maude O'Connell (Cromwell)

Womens D quad
Karen Rickerby, Pam Strong-Van Gestel, Lenette Moore, Wendy Lawson

Womens E four
Deb Hymers-Ross, Wendy Lawson, Karen Rickerby, Liz Blair

Mens D double
Dale Maher / Greg McLaughlin

Mens D quad
Dale Maher, Greg McLaughlin, Stuart Wade, Danny Blair

Mens E four
composite with Cure - Stuart Wade, Murray McCartin

Mixed C double
Stuart Wade, Tanja McDonald

Mixed D four
Deb Hymers-Ross, Tanja McDonald, Murray McCartin, Stuart Wade

Mixed E quad
Deb Hymers- Ross, Danny Blair, Dorle Pauli, Dale Maher

Mixed Club eight
Stuart Wade, Murray McCartin, Danny Blair, Austen Rainer, Karen Rickerby, Shelley Washington, Deb Hymers-Ross, Tanja McDonald

Long Distance Race:
Mixed Club eight
Stuart Wade, Murray McCartin, Danny Blair, Austen Rainer, Karen Rickerby, Deb Hymers-Ross, Liz Blair, Tanja McDonald

Dorle Pauli - womens E single

Mixed E quad

Mixed D four

Mens E double