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2019 South Island Masters Champs, Lake Hayes

1 & 2 June

We not only faced formidable environmental challenges at this event, but it would also be safe to say that the organisers were somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of entries. Around 150 rowers had ventured to last year’s event at Picton, this year there were just over 300 entries, some of whom had come all the way from Auckland and the Waikato. As a result, the launching and retrieving of boats at Lake Hayes especially was somewhat difficult, as there was simply not enough space to get the more popular events underway. The long distance race on the Frankton Arm of Lake Wakatipu also proved to be something of a logistical and H&S challenges, for the same reasons. Running the Saturday events at two different locations also meant a very early start to the day, and subsequent delays in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the long distance race was one of the highlights for me. Our women’s octi launched early to avoid the rush, and although it was freezing cold on the water, it was quite a sight looking up to the snow-dusted Remarkables and watching all the other crews rowing up to the start line at sunrise.

The short races were a mixed affair, with a number of very pleasing successes, many spirited performances, some collisions with the giant marker boys at the edge of the course, a few crabs and frustrating incidences of equipment failure. It is never easy to compete as club crews against top-flight composites, but the URC spirit was alive and well and we supported each other as best we could. We loved our new marquee, made possible through a generous donation by CERT. It kept our personal gear dry, and was the focal point of our large team effort involving 30 rowers. Most trying perhaps was the biting cold, and walking up and down a hill between the boats and our cars and trailers in the mud, which was ankle deep in places. It made launching treacherous, and necessitated a major clean-up of all our gear once we got home. The Sunday night party at Coronet Peak was a highlight and very well attended, but hospitality services at Lake Hayes were somewhat lacking. That said, we want to extend our thanks to the small band of hardy volunteers who organised the event. It sure was a memorable occasion, and the drive home through a winter wonderland gave us all the time to process what surely needs to be rated as something of an adventure.

Dorle Pauli

Long distance [Frankton Arm], Saturday:


Womens Oct:
Dorle Pauli, Pam Van Gestel, Sarah Halcrow, Shelley Washington, Jax Williams, Vicki Dent, Jane Sutherland-Norton, Susan Dyson.

Mens 8:
Stu Wade, Murray McCartin, Mike Fowler, Barry Meates, Hamish Gray, Dominic Mahoney, Andreas Giannakogiorgos, Peter Adams.

Womens 8:
Monique Beyer, Deb Hymer-Ross, Wendy Duggan, Tanja McDonald, Astrid Harris, Karen Rickerby, Audsley Jones, Liz Blair.

Womens oct

Mens 8

1000 Metre events, Sunday
[Mixed race results are not available]

Mixed 4

Mixed quad

Womens A-D double:
Kirsty Mahoney, Sarah Smallman [Canterbury]

Womens pair:
Deb Hymers- Ross, Wendy Duggan

Mens A-D four:
Stu Wade, Barry Meates, Hamish Gray, Murray McCartin

Womens A-D single:
Kirsty Mahoney

Womens E-F double:
Dorle Pauli, Deb Hymers-Ross

Mens E-F double:
Mike Fowler, Danny Blair

Womens quad:
Kirsty Mahoney, Dorle Pauli, Deb Hymers-Ross, Astrid Harris

Mens A-D pair:
Stu Wade, Barry Meates

Womens A-D four:
Deb Hymers-Ross, Wendy Duggan, Tanja McDonald, Monique Beyer

Womens E-K four:
Deb Hymers- Ross, Karen Rickerby, Sarah Halcrow, Liz Blair

Mens A- D double:
Dominic Mahoney, Andreas Giannakogiorgos

Mixed quad

Mens pair

Mens quad